Foam Options


With foam being the core of every piece of furniture, Statum Designs Inc. understands the importance that foam makes. That’s why Statum Designs now offers a variety of seating options engineered to make your life as comfortable as it can be. With a total of  possibilities that will leave you satisfied.

1934 (Standard) 

The 1934 foam is CertiPUR-US certified and is designed specifically for the furniture industry. It weighs 1.9 pounds per cubic square inch and is wrapped in a poly-dacron & ultra cell known for its high resiliency.  With its exceptional physical properties, 1934 is the obvious choice for a standard in our cushion applications in all our furniture

A2026 (Soft) 

A2026 foam combines only the very best in comfort, bounce, and support to create high-density foam, superior to any other foam available in its class.

A2535 (Medium)

A2535 is an advanced foam technology that provides optimal comfort and support. Its higher density texture provides excellent load-bearing and stabilization properties while offering pressure point relief and the ability to bounce back after severe compression.

A2550 (Extra Firm)

A2550 foam offers an advanced technology that provides optimal comfort and firm support. With its “spring” feel, the customer will notice the difference immediately when they sit or lie down.

Down Mix (Plush)

Down mixed with polyester fibre offers the ultimate softness and comfort with a 2 to 4-centimetre white duck feather. The feathers are washed and cleaned for minimal residual dust/allergens. The feathers fill a cotton casing that wraps around a 1.9 lb foam core that offers a plush cozy & “lived-in”  / relaxed look.