Enlist Army Green // 2017 Colour Watch

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Color has always inspired us and the challenge here at Statum Designs is to introduce color to furniture successfully. Through our research all shades of green will become the new must have interior colour with shades ranging from rich pine, moss, juniper to vivid chartreuses and emerald. While green has always been a colour of choice in the past, teals in particular, we notice the shades have darkened and draw from utilitarian attire adding a certain element of power, sophistication and drama.

This olive inspired shade has unexpectedly caught our attention and we feel it can be integrated into contemporary spaces. Pair it with crisp whites, intense blacks, cool violets and earth tones. It also looks pretty fabulous with warm tones, such as blush, clay and mustard.

Interestingly enough a team of Australian researchers named Pantone 448 C the ugliest color in the world earlier in the year. Surveys determined that respondents described the colour as “sewage-tinted” and associated it with “tar,” “dirty” and “death,”according to Brisbane Times. Harsh? We think so and couldn’t disagree more!

Read the entire article here: www.huffingtonpost.com/entry/ugliest-colorpantone_us_57570df6e4b0ca5c7b504538

We love this shade and believe it has tons of potential. If you are looking for cool ways to start styling army green into your space, we’ve gathered a few inspirational pictures to get you going. This is how you style this fabulous green.



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