Guest Blogger Natalie Miller: Protecting your Furniture During a Move

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Moving from one home to another is perhaps one of the most stressful challenges you will ever be faced with. There are so many tasks that require your undivided attention, all of which are important for the success of the move.

One of the most difficult aspects of every move is handling the furniture and ensuring that it is safely transported. Seeing a piece of favourite furniture damaged during the removal process is the last thing you want. It can be particularly frustrating, especially when the furniture in question is an essential part of your interior. In order to avoid stains, cracks, and upholstery rips during transportation in the moving van, you have to take adequate measures and acquire some extra materials to ensure your furniture doesn’t get damaged.


–          Clean the furniture – you may think ‘Why should I clean the furniture when it will just get dirty again during the process of relocation?’ The answer is simple: dust and other spoils on your furniture can easily scratch the surfaces. To prevent this, you should dust or vacuum all of your furniture, even upholstered pieces. That way you will not have to bother with this task when you get to your new home and your pieces will be ready to use right away.

–          Disassemble your furniture – a sure method to preserve your furniture during the transportation and make it easier to load is to disassemble it. Dismantling various parts will not only lighten the load, but also prevent the risk of these parts getting damaged. Moving experts suggest that if a piece of furniture is easy enough to dismantle, you should not hesitate to do it. This is especially true for sofa legs and cushions. Though you must remember to pick up all of the small parts and pieces so that they do not get lost in the chaos of moving boxes and packing materials. You will need them later to reassemble the furniture.

–          Use plastic and bubble-wrap – plastic sheets and bubble-wrap are your best friend when it comes to furniture removal. You need to wrap your furniture not only to protect it from physical damage, but also from it getting dirty in the process. Plastic sofa covers should be used to ensure the upholstery of your furniture is protected. Also consider corrugated cardboard sheets to place between wooden pieces to minimise the risk of gouging during transportation.

–          Mind how you place the furniture – expert movers usually know how to place furniture on the vehicle. However, if you have hired the vehicle and you are the one doing the arranging in the truck, you need to be careful how you place it. First create a wall of boxes in the back. Those should be of the same height and should contain no fragile items. Next place square furniture such as desks and dressers. Then move your mattresses and upholstered furniture. Be sure you equip your upholstered items with packing blankets, as that will add extra protection. Doing so will ensure a smooth and damage-free furniture removal.

Following these tips will ensure a successful move for you and your furniture. Carefully follow all of these steps and you will prevent damages and reduce the stress of the move.


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