Handle with care!

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handle w care

 You must always be extremely careful when opening your new piece of Statum Designs furniture!

A box cutter, which is a small handheld, bladed tool used to cut corrugated cardboard and packing tape, should NOT be used to unwrap the packaging. You may cut too deeply and damage the items inside. 

handle w care3

Use a pair of household scissors instead and be very careful. Feel the furniture piece with your hands and ensure all components are fixed and no major damage has occurred in transportation. Then locate the flaps where the plastics meet and separate the two joints.

handle w care4

Please remember to take your time as there is nothing more disappointing than damaging the piece yourself! Damage from a box cutter, as in the photo above, is not covered under warranty and the repair will be subject to a fee.

We want you to love your Statum Designs furniture so please treat it with care from the very start!


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